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How to open the account
Abraham Natural Foods is grocery distributor located New York City. We supply grocery products to retail store only. Absolutely It is not for general consumer.
If you are doing retail business, you can be qualified to setup the account with Tax ID/Retailer ID.
Account setup step is simple.
  1. Click upper right icon to login and click signup hyperlink.
  2. Fill up company profile and billing/shipping information.
    Please carefully fill it up. Some fields cannot be edit after submitting. Because company name, store name and address are related to resale certificate (ST-120) legally.
    If you want to change these information after submitting, please contact customer service to update information.
  3. Download retail certificate form from NY Government website and fill up and fax or email to us.
  4. We will verify store information and retail certificate.
  5. Done.
Account setup processing will be taken 24 hours.
We only provide service to retailer who has physical store.
How to place an order
For convenience ordering, We provide website and mobile apps. Our advanced Website is fitted for desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phones. Also you can download android app and iOS app.
We provide 4 lists for easy order
  • Category List - We divide products into 8 categories and each category has several sub-categories.
  • Brand List - Alphabetical list by brand name's first character.
  • Wish List - To save products that wish to purchase next time
  • Quick List - Purchased product list with latest delivered date.
Ordering step is easy.
  • Choose products from lists
  • Click 'Add to Cart' button. After clicking, 'Add to Cart' button is changed to Quantity and '+','-' buttons will be show up. Adjust order quantity with '+' button and '-' button. ('Add to Cart' button is enabled only when the user is logged in.)
  • To check out, click the cart icon which is upper right corner.
  • In cart view, you can change quantity or remove items. Your current volume discount rate and next term discount rate are displayed in right panel.
  • To pay, click checkout. ('Checkout' button is disables if order amount is less than minimum order amount.) Valid credit card or debit card is required for payment.
  • In payment page, fill out card holder's full name,credit card number,expiration date and CVV number. (We do not save your credit card information in our server to prevent hacking and information leakage.)
  • Click 'Pay' button.
  • Confirmation page will be shown up. Please confirm address and amount.
  • Click 'Confirm' to process payment transaction.
  • All set.
If you place an order before 5:00 PM (eastern time), we deliver the order on next day in most area.
Currently we are accept only credit card and debit card for payment. (Visa, Master, American Express, Discover).
Our payment processing is consist of 2 steps - Authorizing and Capture.
When you check out and pay, we ask to our merchandising company for authorizing of the amount of cart. This amount is not actual invoice amount because there may be out of stock items. When you see credit card transaction after ordering, the invoice amount will be pending status.
After delivery, we capture the amount that is same with actual delivered invoice amount.
If 5% discount can be applied to invoice and wrong ordered item is returned, captured amount is calculate as follow:
(Delivered amount - Returned Amount) X (100 - 5)%
Delivery is available only New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Philadelphia area. New York City get delivery on next day but other area delivery is depend on our fleet schedule. If your store is located out of city, please contact customer service.
When you get the order, please check the products and quantity with our driver. If everything is correct, please sign on the invoice. If you got wrong items or missed items, please leave memo on the invoice and let the driver know. After delivery, we will recalculate the accurate invoice amount.
Usually delivery time is between 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We cannot guarantee the exact delivery time because of city's heavy traffic.
How to cancel order
If you want to cancel the order, please call us before 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday). The pending amount will be void. After 5:00 PM, send email with reason of cancellation. Even if you send us email, your order can be delivered. In this case, just call us. We can help you.
Return policy
If you want to return items because of damaged or wrong order, please contact customer service. We will refund and give you pickup schedule. To return items, please report to us in 48 hours from delivery.
Opened box, used items or damaged items by your improper handling cannot be returned.
Volume discount is our proud promotion policy 'Buy more, Get More'. Our standard Volume discount is based on monthly purchasing amount.
We calculate total amount of one month from your purchasing history. If the amount is bigger than lower criteria amount, discount is applied to invoice automatically.
Our volume discount level is as following:
  1. 5% discount will be applied if Monthly volume is greater than $500.
  2. 10% will be applied if Monthly volume is greater than $3,000.
  3. 15% will be applied if Monthly volume is greater than $5,000.
Volume discount will be applied to only next term (Monthly based discount).
For example, If your first ship date is March 5 and accumulated invoice amount between March 5 to April 4 is $3,500, you will get 10% volume discount on next term orders (April 5 ~ May 4).
Also Flexible and customized Volume discount is available for large volume. Please contact us at 718-729-7353.
Volume discount policy and rate can be changed without any notice.

Volume discount is not applied to sale items.
But if your volume discount rate is larger than sale rate, discount can be applied.
For example, if your volume discount rate is 10%, item unit price is $100 and sale price is $90, discounted price is $90.
But if your volume discount rate is 15%, discounted price is $85.
In this case, volume discount is applied to item unit price not sale price.
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